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A Reflective Weblog in the Era of AI

Welcome to MHPathfinder.Com.  I am the MH, aka Michael Hovey.  My background is as follows.  I hold a Bachelors of Science in Human Behavior, a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology.  I've studied philosophy and belief systems, research methods and critical thinking prior to, and since, my professional time as a marriage and family counselor. 

Parallel to these studies and endeavors, I've followed closely the advancement of computer technology and the many ways it has changed our lives since the first personal computers were being used in the home.  I built several of my own home computer systems over the years, and worked as consultant/technician in the Internet Technology field, advising people in the purchase of new computers and operating systems, installing, repairing and programming computer-based systems and devices. 

I've also tested and used a variety of alternative operating systems developed through the Free Software copyleft open source process.  "Copyleft" implies that the copyright for any operating system or software code is owned by the public rather than any individual, group or business through a "copyright" or patent.   Because of this, any individual, group or business may use, change or completely alter any open source, free operating system or software.  What develops is a cooperative effort of programmers, developers and users across the globe to create and improve a wide number of operating systems and software programs.  Thus, the control of this software is in our hands, the public, and we can actively participate in its development.  Copyleft, free and open source...by us and for us.

It seemed like a natural evolution for my academic credentials and pursuits in psychology, philosophy and research methods to meld with my work with computers and software.  I follow the social and behavioral trends of human beings, changing with the increased use of devices and spending ever more time in Cyberspace, that virtual realm through which we connect through social networks, email and multimedia conferences and through which we obtain more and more of information, educations, and entertainment.  How are we changing?  What ethical issues arise and how do we react to them?  The speed at which technology is advancing is extremely exponentially fast.  Are we adept enough to adapt to these changes positively?  What are the negatives?  How is the very nature of what is "human" changing as we externalize more and more of our thought processes into external machines and computers?  Can a computer become conscious?  What is consciousness?  "...and man will be made dirigible and let loose the body as a placenta for the soul." (James Joyce from Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. 

You can follow my reflections and link to other sites and essays at my web Log, Cyberian Reflections.  I welcome any comments, ideas and responses to increase the discussion of these topics.



Computers/Open Source Operating Systems/Consultations

I offer my services as an advocate for free and open source operating systems, and as a consultant to clients for computer repair, upgrades or replacement.

This consultation may extend to on site technical diagnostics and/or repair, within the range of a few miles from my Cypress, California base.  Many consultations may be conducted via email or telephone.

For reasons of rapidly-changing technologies and a reduction in cost for many computerized devices, many elements of my decades-long profession are near extinction.   I am still able to offer experienced advice for the home computer user on some repairs, system recoveries and upgrades.  For demanding jobs or issues beyond the scope of my expertise,  I defer to profesisonal computer repair and upgrade service departments at Microcenter or The Geek Squad of Best Buy for reasonbly-priced repairs and upgrade.

Links to Enlightenment and Understanding

The following links may be of interest:

  • DISTROWATCH.COM  This site provides access to dozens of free and open source operating systems.  Most of these operating systems are free to download, to take for test-drive via a USB Flash drive, or to install into your personal computer--alongside Microsoft Windows as a dual OS system, or to replace Windows. 
  • OPEN SOURCE This is a Wikipedia article to explain what open source means for the development of systems and software.
  • FREE SOFTWARE FOUNDATION Established in direct response to the monopolistic practices of Microsoft to force computer users to use the Windows OS>  FSF has been a steadfast advocate for free and open source operating systems and software, developed through a "copyleft" patenting of the source code.
  • SKEPTIC.COM The home page for the Skeptic Society, dedicated to critical thinking, reason and science. 
  • TED.COM IDEAS WORTH SPREADING. Technology + Entertainment + Design.

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Advocate for Free and Open Source Operating Systems and Software

The Changing Nature of Being Human in the Cyberian Age:

How our increasing time and activities spent in cyberspaces is altering our social behaviors, our physical being and the very definition of what it is to be "human".