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M. H. Pathfinder: Academics and Experiences

FAMILY: M. H. Pathfinder was born Michael Richard Hovey on the left coast of the American empire, in Los Angeles in 1953.  He was raised by two loving and gentle parents in the city of Long Beach for most of his youth.  He was married thrice, twice divorced, and the father of four children.  Currently, the grandfather of five children.  Married to his current wife formally since 1993, but together in love since 1984.

EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: M. H. began his college academic life as a philosophy major.  Studies in philosophy, comparative religions, anthropology and science curtailed a brief desire to enter into the Lutheran ministry.  MH abandoned religion, having learned from studying a wide array of philosophies and belief systems.  "No one has a corner on the market for truth.  We are all existentialists."   He also left his academic life behind until 1980, when he returned, again with a major in philosopy.  Personal life transitions would again interfere with this process, yet add much to the meanings of life.  All the while, M. H. was working as a warehouseman, a receiving clerk, for Ralphs Grocery Company, a company that would be the employer of his father, his sister and two of his brothers over time.  Pathfinder would spend thirt-four years as a warehouseman, all the while working toward his academic and professional endeavors.  He earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Behavior, Summa Cum Laude in 1987.  In 1989, he earned a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, with Honors, from National University in San Diego, CA. Education, life eperience, conversations with a diverse array of people from many walks of life, and personal reflection influenced and shaped his directions on his pathway of life.

 PARALLEL PATHS IN PSYCHOLOGY AND CYBERSPACE: He spent the next five years as a marriage and family therapist intern in private practice and as a family therapist for Casa Youth Shelter in Los Alamitos, California.  There he also taught parent training courses, led anger management groups, and conducted an art therapy course for troubled teens.  He passed his written course for California certification as a marriage and family therapist, but decided not to pursue the oral exam.  Two reasons--as a family therapist, he found himself always preoccupied with the macrocosms of influence that led an individual or family into therapy.  Political decisions, economics and social directions, not under the control of an individual or family, were putting great pressures on people with limited resources for assistance in their health and welfare.  Secondly, parallel to his academic pursuits in psychology, pathfinder was working as a consultant and techniian in computers, focussing upon free and "open source" computer operating systems as alternatives to the products of the monopolistic Microsoft company or Apple computers.

Due to a spinal injury, resulting in four bulging cervical discs, Pathfinder retired from his warehouseman profession at the young age of fifty.  He begain MHPathfinder.Com at that time, consulting with clients on their computer needs and purchases, and provding technical services to clients to repair and/or maintain their computers.  He alos subcontracted his services to others for programming and assistance in the installation and repairs of low-voltage devices and systems.  M. H. Pathfinder has been a steadfast advocate for free and open operating systems and software. 

BICYCLING:  Pathfinder bought an Ital Vega Gran Rally Italian racing bike in 1974.  It was very lightweight bike, equipped with Campagnolo gears, derailers and brakes, and 130 PSI tires.  In 1976, he began riding it to and from his place of work, a 37-mile round trip.  In 1980, the bike was stolen from his garage by the "Nike Bicycle Thief" of Los Alamitos, so named because of the tracks of his shoes left at the sites of his bike thefts.  It would not be until 1996 that Pathfinder would purchase another bike, a Raleigh R500 racing bike.  From 1997 to 2001, he made annual 100-mile-plus rides to San Diego with a small cadre of fellow cyclists.  The 2001 century ride was with his wife on their KHS Tandem Alite bicycle.  In 2003, after his diagnosis of four bulging cervical discs, he was unable to ride a conventional bike.  Leaning over the handlebars was too excruciatingly painful.  He therefore purchased a Bacchetta Giro 20 recumbent bicycle.  For the past twelve years, he has established a 30-mile course through ten cities in southern California, which he rides three to four times per week.  It has become a means of solace, reflection, physical health and renewal.  An essential vehicle on the pathway of life.

RELIGION: M. H. Pathfinder was born into a white middle-class Protestant suburban family and environment.  His family attended St. Lukes Lutheran Church in Long Beach, CA throughout his childhood to his teenage years.  At age 18, he had a brief aspiration to be a Lutheran minister, perhpas to influence people to loosen their beliefs in the irrational aspects of Christianity.  By age nineteen, he abandoned this aspiration and any affiliations with organized religion, concluding that religion itself was an impediment to rational knowledge and understanding.  The fact that there are thousands of religions and belief-systems in the world fascinated M.H.  Why were so many diverse mythologies and superstitious fantasies still guiding so many human lives at the twilight of the 20th century in the face of so many profound scientific discoveries and explanations for natural phenomena?  How could it be that 60 percent of Americans believed in Adam and Eve, Noah and The Flood, the Virgin Birth, and a son-god resurrected from the dead coming back...sometime soon...in this age of scientific knowledge and understanding that so easily dispels any notion of irrational ideas behind such beliefs?  Through the stuidies of religions, philosophy, human behavior and the sciences, Pathfinder set out to discover how religion evolved, and how it remains such an essential component of so many human lives, in spite of the irrationality and falsehoods inherent in so many of the myths at the heart of such religions.

RESEARCH AND WRITING: In addition to his technical functions, M. H. Pathfinder also began a web log, Cyberian Reflections, on which he would write about "the changing nature of being human in this Cyberian Age", an age where computerization would expand into many devices and realms of our societies.  The Internet, the "cloud" would be where many of us would be spending our time.  We have become transitional beings twixt the real and the virtual, and as such our humanness has expanded beyond these bodies of skin, bone and neurons.  The web log as been begun, destroyed and re-started a few times over the years.  It is currently being revived but with more determination as the computerization has increased exponentially in this past decade with more devices, more Internet uses, and more cross-device platforms, security and ethical issues than any of us could have imagined ten years ago.

Currently, M. H. Pathfinder is putting most of his energies into reading and research, reflection and writing, and, thus, Cyberian Reflections is the primary focal point of MHPathfinder.Com.  Subjects of interest will be the heavy reliance on computerized devices and Internet access for so many aspects of our lives.   What does this mean for privacy, security, solitude, the changing ways of human interaction?  Protocols?  Ethics? Mores and decorum?  Where are headed?   Artificial Intelligence...how close are algorythmic systems and machines to developing a reflective consciousness?  Will we recognize it when we see it?  What is "human"?  CYBERIAN REFLECTIONS has become a vehicle to reflect upon and discuss a wider array of subjects beyond the Internet, computerized devices and their influence.  AI raises the questions--what is intelligence?  What is consciousness?  What has neuroscience and brain studies revealed about such things?  With human populations able to access knowledge and information, much which exposes the falsehoods of many religious mythologies and belief systems, how will religion evolve?  Will morals and ethics evolve through a more rational means of determining the structures of our social lives?  Will science, with its built-in examination of preconceived notions, become a rational religion for human kind?  Stay tuned.

Food for thought.  Let's eat some.

The Nature of the Journey

The religious journey is the pursuit of truth,

back to our source of being,

the original meaning,

 that elusive end to which we never arrive,

yet by which our paths are so greatly illuminated.

The greatest wonder of it all

is that we have never left the source

to get back to it,

and yet we have deceived ourselves most artfully.


A Life of Diversity

Academics: Attended Long Beach City College, Cypress College, USC, National University at San Diego

Bachelor of Science in Human Behavior, summa cum laude, 1987, National University

Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology, with honors, 1989, National University

Completed courses in: philosophy, philosophy of middle eastern and western religion, ethics, logic, semantics, art history, anthropology, sociology, political science, research methods & critical thinking, science history

Dabbled in the visual arts, sketching and painting during the mid 1980s.  I may return to this creative endeavor.,

Professional: MHPathfinder.Com: owner/operator/consultant/technician/weblog publisher 2004 to present

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, 1991 to 1997

Art Therapist, Parent Trainer, anger management group leader, family counselor: Casa Youth Shelter 1991 to 1994

Warehouse mgr, Teamster, Ralphs Grocery Compnay from 1970 to 2004

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