Cyberian Reflections

The Changing Nature of Being Human in the Cyberian Age

Cyberian Reflections: The Changing Nature of Being Human in the Cyberian Age: AI and humanness

October 11, 2017

Cyberian Log Date:2017.

From the moment a human picked up a stick or stone, and used it to perforom a task, that human externalized humanness from a body of flesh and bone and into the world of things.  Okay, it may have been some other event, such as a human etching a line in the soil to represent an idealized line in human thought, or using a vine as a swinging vehicle to move from one tree to the next.  But, it was some event, or events, like these that moved human idealism and human imaginings into the physical realm.  Art, engineering, quantitative thinking, geometric renderings of shapes and lines--something new among the primates, expressed through a vessel called...language.

How long ago did this occur?  A few million years ago or more, perhaps.  And, ever since then, the human abilities to realize a pattern, shape or movement as a physical thing have moved humannes into the world.  In the words of James Joyce, from the Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, "...and Man will be made dirigible, and let loose the body as a placenta of the soul." Our humanness is made manifest beyond the bags of skin...


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