M. H. Pathfinder's Gallery of Visual Art

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This is a gallery of art works from my "creative" period of the mid 1980s.  It was a time of reflection and change.  Expressions often presented themselves on paper or canvas of their own accord, as if I was a detached observer of my hand and tools.  Still a focal point for my personal reflections.  Not the most precise of expertise, but meaningful to me.   I humbly share them with all of you.

Yin Seeing Yang

Alan Watts, author of The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are

Betty By the Sea

Blue by the Sea 2

Beauty in Bloom

Betty's Cove

An Artist in Some Land

Black Holes and Helping Hand

Still Life on a Coffe Table

Museum of Man, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

Spike's Heritage--Bull Mastiff of ancient Rome to Pit Bull, Here and Now

The Man and the Moon

Jason Meets the Prehistoric Ice Man

Woody Emerging from Purple

Mystic Walk in Moonlight

The Traveler on Some World

Travelers at the Mystic Sea

Tibetan Plateaus

Wall Tao.. Mixed Media on Partical Board Circle

Invitation to a Wedding 1993

The Tao of Marriage

Elfin Playground - - Close-up

Elfin Playground

Woman of El Salvador 1984 Pen and Ink

Woman of El Salvador 1984 Charcoal

Woman of El Salvador 1984 Monochrome Acrylic

Yin Island Yang